chimica industriale

smart polimer group

Polymers with chromogenic properties: synthesis and polymer modification with chromogenic probes sensing to chemical, mechanical and thermal stimuli.

Polymer nanocomposites: preparation of thermoplastic and elastomeric nanocomposites containing graphitic fillers and nanoparticles for anti-friction features and electrical/thermal conductivity. Use of sustainable materials.

Polymers for renewable energy: fabrication of high performance luminescent solar concentrators, NIR reflective coatings, ion-conductive polymeric membranes, and electrode materials for metal-organic batteries.

Polymers for organic electronics: synthesis of conjugated polymers via precursor chemistry and fabrication of ultra-thin devices.

Pucci Andrea, Carlotti Marco, Micheletti Cosimo, Alberto Picchi, Araya Hermosilla Esteban Alejandro

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