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The Soft Matter Spectroscopy Laboratory ('SMS LAB') is a Research Lab dealing with several topics in Physical Chemistry. Our traditional research is related to the chemical-physical study of soft materials, such as Liquid Crystals (LCs) and Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCEs) mainly by means of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Our aim is to understand the origin of LCs and LCEs peculiar properties at a molecular level, such as the orientational order, the conformational and dynamic properties.
In addition, in the last ten years, we extended our expertises on other kinds of soft materials, such as nanoparticles' dispersions, colloidal systems and food matrices, such as olive oil, honey and wine.
Our studies include the application of several spectroscopic techniques, such as NMR spectroscopy, NMR relaxometry and NMR diffusometry, front-face and right-angle fluorescence, UV-vis and FT-IR spectroscopies.

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People: Domenici Valentina & Cifelli Mario

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