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Scientific Area: Industrial Chemistry

Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale
Via Moruzzi 13, 56124 PISA

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Dr. Domenico Licursi is a Researcher in “Industrial Chemistry” at the “Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry - University of Pisa”. During his academic career, he has investigated the acid-catalyzed hydrothermal biomass conversion into added-value bio-products, as well as the catalytic production of some of their key oxygenated derivatives. His current research is focused on the hydrothermal carbonization and pyrolysis of waste biomasses to produce hydrochars/biochars and bio-oils that are potentially exploitable for fuel, agronomic and environmental applications. He holds the fundamental courses of "Environmental Chemistry" and "Industrial Chemical Processes and Plants" within the Bechelor Degree in “Industrial Chemistry”.

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Department of Chemistry
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Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 13
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