chimica inorganica

coordination chemistry

Biancalana Lorenzo, Ciancaleoni Gianluca, Funaioli Tiziana, Guelfi Massimo, Marchetti Fabio , Labella Luca, Pampaloni Guido, Samaritani Simona, Taddei Marco  

- Synthesis, structural and electrochemical characterization, and reactivity of new transition metal complexes for biological and catalytic applications (Marchetti, Pampaloni, Funaioli, Biancalana, Guelfi) 

- Synthesis and properties of late transition and lanthanide complexes (Labella, Samaritani) 

- Mechanistic studies (Ciancaleoni) 

- Design, synthesis and structural characterization of metal-organic frameworks for adsorption-based applications (Taddei) 

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