chimica industriale


Polymers for biomedical, food and cosmetic applications: synthesis and physicochemical, mechanical and biological characterization.

Renewable and sustainable polymers: study, chemical modification and application.

Smart polymers and nanogels: design and development of stimuli-responsive materials for biomedical/food/cosmetic applications.

Micro/nanostructured colloids: development of customized formulations for controlled and targeted release of biofunctional agents for biomedical/food/cosmetic applications

Additive manufacturing of polymers and composites: development of micro/nanostructured 3D scaffolds for personalized regenerative medicine.

Puppi Dario, Battisti Antonella

Research Assistant: Tempesti Veronika

PhD Students: Braccini Simona, Pecorini Gianni 

MSc Students: Biagini Serena, Tiralongo Giulia, Tarparelli Barbara, Mannelli Alessia, Macolic Sven

Erasmus Student: Azizi Rishad

(Update 12-2022)

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