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Gianluigi Albano received his Master’s Degree cum laude in Chemistry at the University of Pisa in February 2015. In March 2019 he obtained his PhD cum laude in Chemistry and Materials Science at the same university, working under the supervision of Prof. Lorenzo Di Bari and Dr. Laura Antonella Aronica. In November 2019 he joined the group of Prof. Gianluca Maria Farinola at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, working as Post-Doctoral Researcher in Organic Chemistry with the financial support of the European Commission through H2020-FET-Open project “HyPhOE” (November 2019 – April 2021), and then of the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) through PRIN2017 project “CHIRALAB” (May 2021 – March 2023). From April 2023 he is Junior Assistant Professor (RTDa) in Organic Chemistry at the University of Pisa.
His research activity is focused on different topics related to Organic Chemistry: development of new protocols for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds via transition metals-promoted reactions; preparation of organic fluorophores for colourless luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) devices; synthesis and chiroptical characterization of chiral organic π-conjugated materials with outstanding chiroptical features; development of green and sustainable strategies in Palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions. He also spent short periods as visiting scientist in the Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires of University of Strasbourg (supervisor Prof. Paolo Samorì), the London Centre for Nanotechnology of University College of London (supervisor Prof. Franco Cacialli) and the Diamond Light Source synchrotron beamline (supervisor Prof. Giuliano Siligardi).
Among several national and international prizes, he was awarded by the Organic Chemistry Division of Italian Chemical Society (SCI) with the PhD Thesis Prize “Organic Chemistry for Environment, Energy and Nanoscience” 2019 and by Elsevier with the 1st prize of “Reaxys SCI Early Career Researcher Awards” 2019. In 2021, he was selected by the National NAO-CNR Commission for IUPAC as one of the Italian IUPAC Young Observers at the 51st IUPAC General Assembly. More recently, he was the recipient of the “Flavio Bonati Prize” 2022 assigned by the Italian Chemical Society, as the best under 35 Italian researcher working in the field of Organometallic Chemistry.
Gianluigi is currently board member of the group of Chemistry Dissemination (SCI Cultura Chimica) of Italian Chemical Society and member of the Sub-committee on Biomolecular Chemistry of IUPAC. Furthermore, he is member of the National Organizing Committee of the Italian Chemistry Olympiad.

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