XL National Congress on Calorimetry
Thermal Analysis and Applied Thermodynamics
17|19 december 2018 - “Le Benedettine” Congress Center, Pisa, Italy

AICAT/GICAT 2018 Conference will take place in Pisa (Italy), at “Le Benedettine Congress Center”, from 17th to 19th December 2018 and will gather the scientists working in Calorimetry, Thermal Analysis and closely related topics. Its aim is to provide an opportunity for an exchange of scientific information, critical discussion and advanced planning on the most of fundamental and applied research aspects of interest in this field.

The Congress will cover the following topics
✔ Solutions, Mixtures and Chemical Thermodynamics
✔ Life Science, Pharmaceutics, Food,
✔ Polymers and Biomaterials, Biological Macromolecules
✔ Kinetics, Catalysis, Materials,
✔ Cultural Heritage
✔ Environment and Safety
✔ Instruments and new Methods

In the occasion of the Conference two scientific prizes will be assigned:
✔ a distinguished scientist in the field of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis will be awarded the AICAT-TA Prize
✔ A young researcher in the same field will be awarded the Lucci Prize

Special issue
Selected papers based on oral and poster presentations at the Conference will be published,
after standard peer review, in a special issue of the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry.

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✔ Chairs
• Maria Rosaria Tiné (University of Pisa, Chair)
• Celia Duce (University of Pisa, co-Chair)
Scientific Committee
• Giuseppe Arena (University of Catania – AICAT President)
• Giuseppe Lazzara (University of Palermo – GICAT Coordinator)
• Ignazio Blanco (University of Catania)
• Anna Maria Cardinale (University of Genova)
• Michelina Catauro (Second University of Naples)
• Cinzia Chiappe (University of Pisa)
• Dimitri Fessas (University of Milano)
• Concetta Giancola (University of Naples "Federico II")
• Bruno Marongiu (University of Cagliari)
• Andrea Melchior (University of Udine)
• Luigi Petraccone (University of Naples "Federico II")
• Silvia Porcedda (University of Cagliari)
• Adriana Saccone (University of Genova)
• Alberto Schiraldi (University of Milano)
• Carmelo Sgarlata (University of Catania)
• Stefano Vecchio Ciprioti (University of Roma "La Sapienza")
✔ Organizing Committee
• Maria Rosaria Tiné (University of Pisa, Chair)
• Celia Duce (University of Pisa, co-Chair)
• Luca Bernazzani (University of Pisa)
• Rita Carosi (University of Pisa)
• Elena Pulidori (University of Pisa)
• Vincenzo Mollica (University of Pisa)
• Vincenzo Ierardi (University of Pisa)
• Chiara Pelosi (University of Pisa)
• Silvia Pizzimenti (University of Pisa)
• David Macchia (University of Pisa)

✔ Confirmed Plenary Lectures
Konstantin Sergeevich Gavrichev - Russian Academy of Science
Calorimetric study of RE-containing high-temperature materials
Stefano Vecchio Ciprioti - University of Roma La Sapienza
Looking for a convincing parameter to assess the thermal stability of materials. A challenge faced up to for over 20 years
Dimitrios Fessas - University of Milan
Food System Calorimetry: state of art and new challenges
Adrian Velazquez-Campoy - University of Zaragoza, Spain, Institute BIFI
Seeking Complexity in Biological Interactions
Invited Lectures
Carmelo Sgarlata - University of Catania
Formation of anion-templated LnIII[15- metallacrown-5]3+ complexes in neutral aqueous solution
Giovanna Bruni - University of Pavia
The Role of DSC in Cocrystal Screening and Characterization
Dominique Scalarone - University of Turin
Characterization of agar gels for the cleaning of artworks: from morphology to water state and cleaning properties
Matteo Scampicchio - University of Bolzano
Reaction calorimetry in food science
Elena Badea - Advanced Research for Cultural Heritage (ARCH Lab) Group Bucharest, Romania
Micro DSC, thermal microscopy, ATR-FTIR and unilateral NMR for the characterisation of collagen-based artefacts
Erika Ribechini - University of Pisa
Analytical pyrolysis investigations on organic materials and substances from archaeological excavations

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